Positioning women at the top of Peace agenda

Participants of the Transformational Leadership training held in Juba from 18th Feb- 1st Mar 2019

NTLI held a Transformational Leadership training from 18th Feb- 1st Mar in Juba under the theme “Positioning women on top of the Peace agenda.” With support from UN Women, 35 participants were trained for a period of ten days on transformational leadership, economic empowerment, conflict management and trauma counseling.   These women were drawn from various sectors namely Organised forces, Judiciary, Civil society organizations and Political Parties.

With seasoned facilitators like Prof. Julia Aker Duany, Mary Ayen and Dr. Lydiah Ngirathey were successfully trained on transformational leadership and drew action plans that detailed their planned activities.

One of the participants sharing ideas for peaceful conflict resolution with her fellow participant

After being taken through money matters and tips on saving money, the facilitator challenged them to start by saving from the transport refund they were being given every day. The savings were to be reviewed on the last day of the training.

One participant from security forces (Fire Brigade) brought forward her saving plan and the dates showing the daily savings and total savings. Within a period of 8 days, she had saved 14,700 SSP. She was excited that it works, therefore, she would be doing the same savings with her salary and any other money she gets.

Another participant said that after the sessions in the first four days, she was able to reconcile with her husband with whom they had disputes

Testimony on saving money.

Moulana Suhila said that when she was in Khartoum, she was earning a salary of 700 Sudanese pounds. She saved 5,000. She had no business idea and she gave to a shop keeper in Khartoum to do business with it. Every month, he gave her part of the profit he was making out of the money. She took up to 8,000 Sudanese pounds. She used it to buy a plot of land and built 4 rental rooms. She was collecting 300 Sudanese Pounds from each room. After the 2011 separation between Sudan and South Sudan, the shopkeeper gave her back the original amount of 5,000 Sudanese pound. The plot and the rental houses are still there up to today

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