Greetings from the Director

Who is Dr. Angelina Mattijo Bazugba ( Ph.D)

Welcome to the National Transformational Leadership Institute (NTLI). A place where mindset transformation matters. As we empower, transform and raise leaders for nation- building, we live no stone unturned…..Get to know more about us and our ground-breaking work in South Sudan and beyond.

The institute is currently equipping South Sudanese emerging and existing women and men leaders with skills on transformational leadership, economic empowerment, SGBV, conflict management and peace building. It targets people from all sectors including political institutions, corporate, civil society organisations, faith based groups, Media, NGOs, UN Agencies and the academia. The acquired knowledge and skills enable the beneficiaries to influence policy decisions for nation building.

Friend, do come join us in this great cause as we raise leaders for generational impact.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Angelina Bazugba,

Director, NTLI