Does NTLI have Core Values?

Our Core Values

  • Excellence – We are committed to equipping learners with skills and knowledge whilst striving for excellence and quality in services we offer;
  • Innovative – we are committed to providing access to innovative and creative transformational leadership programs because leaders are not just born but are socially made;
  • Inclusiveness – we believe that women’s leadership development is a prerequisite for an inclusive viable and liveable national development;
  • Teamwork – we support each other, working co-operatively, whilst respecting one another’s views to achieve mutually beneficial results;
  • Transformational – we believe that the real transformation takes place in the workplace by stimulating change through changing attitudes, mind-set and behaviours among leaders;
  • Personal development – we value learning, coaching and mentoring for all irrespective of their education level;
  • Professionalism – We act with integrity, take pride and ownership in all that we do and say.

What is the Vision and Mission of NTLI?

Our Vision

To serve as a center of excellence and knowledge hub for training, mentoring and experiential learning programmes to accelerate equitable and sustainable progress in development.

Our Mission

To provide access to innovative and creative programmes through: developing result bound transformational leadership competencies, training and capacity building, research, networking and information dissemination.

What is the target of NTLI

It targets people from all sectors including political institutions, corporate, civil society organisations, faith based groups, NGOs, Un Agencies and the academia.

Who initiated the NTLI?

Conceived in 2013, the initiative was spearheaded by the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, University of Juba and UN Women, primarily focused on increasing women’s representation in decision-making structures.

When was National Transformational Leadership Institute Founded?

The National Transformational Leadership Institute (NTLI) a semi-autonomous institution at the University of Juba that was launched in February 2016.