I have realized it is not good to fight, it is better to go to school and come back to help our people who are dying because of poverty “…Mayom Chawuol Magot “We will need to re-organize our peace committees in Mvolo County to be more effective”

Kenneth Dotik
Mvolo County

“The training was an eye opener to me…I have always been shy. I used to admire powerful women on the TV and the facilitators training us… the way they speak, and the way they stand in front of us with confidence when explaining issues that connect with our daily lives. After learning etiquette and protocol, I realized that I can also become a leader and facilitate or speak at public events”

Monica John

“I like the training because of the knowledge and the certificate. I know the certificate I will be awarded will help me to get a good job in my community” “Many young men in the cattle camps have not been to school. When we go back to Aluak Luak, we will call a meeting and preach a message of peace. I believe one day they will stop fighting and return to school, “John Nhial..

Angelina Marial

Case studies, facilitation and teaching methods used allowed everyone to talk and contribute. “The facilitators were flexible. “We did not realize they were high profile people/well educated…they seemed to us like sisters/mothers, teachers and sympathizers”…

Victoria Lueth

I have learned different lessons that helped me to understand his responsibility as a peace committee leader…”I will manage my time and resources as a leader to restore peace and harmony in Rumbek East”.

Rumbek East

“The topic on mindset helped me to realize that I have been very lazy. But if I work hard and maintain team spirit, I can achieve a lot”… said Barnabas; while Monica stated that “The topic on saving has enabled me to know that I have been misusing my money instead of saving and investing with a purpose.

Trainee from Awairial