The National Transformational Leadership Institute (NTLI) and the University of Juba (UoJ) with support from the United Nations Development (UNDP) and Sweden launched the UniPod which aims at fostering accelerated learning and technological advancement in South Sudan.
The University of Juba, proudly announces the successful launch of an innovative hub aimed at nurturing creativity, enhancing technological skills, and fostering community-driven solutions. This milestone event took place on the 16th of August, 2023, at the University of Juba, Main campus. The official inauguration was conducted by his Excellency, the Vice President for Cluster Services, Hussein Abdelbagi, signifying the government’s steadfast commitment to academic growth, innovation, and technological progress.

South Sudan’s increasing population of young entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, and technology enthusiasts demonstrates promising growth. Nevertheless, these individuals face challenges stemming from insufficient exposure to the latest technological advancements, limited internet accessibility, and a shortfall in innovation-focused educational opportunities. The lack of practical skills is further worsen by an education system heavily inclined toward theoretical knowledge. The surge in demand for practical skills, entrepreneurial acumen, creativity, and innovation is pronounced, underscoring the importance of nurturing these talents among the youth. Notably, young women and girls often grapple with gender-based barriers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, contributing to their underrepresentation.

The initiative seeks to encourage innovation and accelerate learning for students and talented young individuals within the University of Juba and the Republic of South Sudan. By channeling their creativity and technical skills, participants will collaboratively address prevailing challenges within their communities. This effort represents a substantial enhancement of the existing partnership in innovation between the aforementioned institutions.

The collaboration between the National Transformational Leadership Institute, University of Juba, UNDP, and the Swedish Institute signals a harmonious convergence of vision and resources dedicated to nurturing South Sudan’s youth as they pioneer the next phase of the nation’s progress. The journey toward technological advancement, applied research, and innovation has begun, laying the foundation for an empowered generation that will steer the nation to new heights.