Community Training Manual

The National Transformational Leadership Institute (NTLI) in partnership with UNDP-Peace and Cohesion Project launched the Community Training Manual for local community trainers at Imperial Plaza Hotel in Juba. The Manual builds on several trainings that were conducted by NTLI to strengthen local peace structures at the grassroots and the training of community trainers with skills that they would replicate in their communities as Trainers of Trainees (ToTs). This Manual seeks to guide these community trainers to prepare and deliver topics on transformational leadership, conflict management and peace building using adult learning and participatory methods that stimulate learning and thinking in various contexts.

Speaking at the launching of the manual, the Director of NTLI, underlined the primary objective of the development of the manual which was to provide a tool that will equip local facilitators with the guidelines on that will enhance their productivity in their trainings. Some of the local trainers at the launch gave testimonials of how important the manual is to the trainings they have been doing at the Payam level.

Experiences shared local trainers

“Being a Community facilitator has positively changed my life. I would have never had the courage to stand infront of people. I have also learnt to plan, organize and facilitate trainings. I facilitated these training in Twic County and Tonj North. This manual was very helpful during the trainings. The knowledge I have received in this Manual has shaped my skills which I am using to change communities in Warrap state. ” Duor Kuany Duor – Community Facilitator (Warrap State)

“I appreciate the opportunity from NTLI and UNDP. I am also grateful to Dr. Angelina who handpicked me to be part of the Peace Committees from where I later became a Trainer of Trainees. This manual has been useful to me in preparing my presentations and for classroom management of the participants. The information I have recieived on how to practically facilitate each session has boosted my confidence in the trainings I have done in the PoC in Malakal and Malakal South. Judith Danga Thomas– Community Facilitator (Juba, C.E.S)